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1650+ Wallpapers for HPCs - resolution: 640x240
Movies | Television | Music | Gaming | Graphic Heroes |
Fiction Heroes | Art | Sports | Places | Nature | Misc

Handheld PCs have the ability to display desktop images aka wallpaper.

Here you will find literally hundreds of entertainment-related images for you download and install on your device.

You can copy them onto a CF card or a PC card and access them from those locations, or you can load them directly into your device's built in memory.

To display a wallpaper:

  1. Tap the START menu
  4. Double-tap the DISPLAY icon
  5. Select the BACKGROUND tab
  6. Tap BROWSE
  7. Navigate to where BMP files are stored and select one
  8. Tap OK
  9. Tap OK again
  10. If program are open, tap REVEAL DESKTOP icon (in lower right corner) to check wallpaper

Downloading instructions:

  1. To download a BMP file, right-click on a JPG image and chose 'Save Target As'.
  2. To immediately preview a wallpaper 'size-as', click on an image. Hit 'back' to return.

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