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Mobipocket Reader is an excellent 3rd-party software product. eBooks in this format will work on your desktop, your laptop as well as other mobile devices which support the software. For more details, and to purchase MobiPocket Reader eBooks, visit their site. You can download the HPC freeware version here

The Honor Harrington Series by David Webber
(cover artwork below by David Mattingly)

Awhile ago, the fabulous Baen Free Library gave away these titles for free which is why I have them here for downloading. For other free Science Fiction and Fantasy books in a variety of formats from some of the biggest names going, so be sure to check out them out.

Not everything from Baen is free (nor should it be), but the ebooks they have for purchase are very affordable. They also have regular paperback books and audio books available as well which can be purchased online or at bricks-and-mortar stores.

When it comes to downloading content from them, of special interest is Baen's WebScription service; it's amazing and for only U$15.00 per month, you'll get: "A web based re-creation of the serialized novel using Science Fiction published by Baen Books. Each novel will be published in three segments, one month apart, beginning 3 months before the actual publication date. Each month 4 books will be available. The intent is to use all Frontlist book for that month. If less than four books are published, or if one or more of them are unavailable, books from the backlist will be used."

right-click on a graphic to download a Mobipocket Reader-formatted eBook
From WikiPedia: "Honor Harrington is ...an officer in a star fleet known as the Royal Manticoran Navy. Harrington bears a striking professional resemblance to both the real life Admiral Lord Nelson and the composite character Horatio Hornblower. Like Nelson, she loses an eye and an arm in combat; her initials are the same as Hornblower's; and like both officers, she has a genius for command and becomes a living legend. These are fitting parallels in that during much of Harrington's career her native Star Kingdom of Manticore is at war with the neighboring People's Republic of Haven, a conflict that bears more than passing resemblance to the antagonism between the British Empire and France during the Napoleonic Wars."
Honor Harrington book cover On Basilisk Station (1993)

Summary : "The plot involves Honor being assigned to a badly-designed starship and assigned to a customs patrol that is considered a less-than-respectable assignment. In addition to Honor Harrington, the story includes the first appearances of Alistair McKeon, Hamish Alexander, Lord Pavel Young, Andreas Venizelos, Rafael Cardones, Paul Tankersley, Mercedes Brigham and Allen Summervale."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover The Honor of the Queen (1993)

Summary : "...Honor goes on a mission to bring the religiously conservative, sexist world Grayson onto the Manticorans' side in preparation for the inevitable war with Haven."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover The Short Victorious War (1994)

Summary : "...title comes from a quote by Vyacheslav von Plehve in reference to the Russo-Japanese War: "What this country needs is a short, victorious war to stem the tide of revolution." That quote is one of the novel's two epigraphs; the other is a quote from Robert Wilson Lynd: "The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions.""

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover Field of Dishonor (1994)

Summary : Field of Dishonor is "...the fourth in David Weber's Honor Harrington series. It is notable for being the only book in the series to not feature space warfare." / "Honor's old nemesis, Pavel Young, takes revenge on her for having him dismissed from the navy by hiring a duelist to kill her lover. This swiftly brings upon him a dire and vividly described fate, which puts Honor on half-pay on the planet Grayson, where she is a feudal magnate."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover Flag in Exile (1995)

Summary : A "...disgraced Honor enters a self-imposed exile on Grayson"

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover Honor Among Enemies (1996)

Summary : "Honor is invited to rejoin the Royal Manticoran Navy at the instigation of some of her worst enemies. The RMN has withdrawn from the Silesian Confederacy in an effort to focus on its war with the People's Republic of Haven and the shipping cartels have been losing vessels: cargo, crews and all. Klaus Hauptmann sees a glorious opportunity: invite Honor to command the Q-ships which will draw pirate and privateer fire. If she dies, great; if she succeeds, even better."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover In Enemy Hands (1997)

Summary : Honor is "...promoted to commodore and adjusting to home life as her planet's first female feudal steadholder. On a routine flight, Harrington's enemies capture her spaceship, and she must escape execution on a planet called Hell."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover Echoes of Honor (1998)

Summary : "The People's Republic has publicly executed Honor Harrington -- or have they? While the Star Kingdom swears revenge, Honor (alive and kicking) plans escape from the prison planet of Hell."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover Ashes of Victory (2000)

Summary : "Honor has triumphally returned from Hades, at the head of a fleet of liberated POWs. Her reward is to become an admiral, a duchess, and a billionaire. She also becomes an elder sister of twins and, since Nimitz has lost some of his telepathy to war wounds, helps the ever delightful treecats learn signing, thereby proving they are fully sapient. But the war goes on, and the Star Kingdom's superior technology and training increasingly give it the advantage, despite the People's Republic of Haven's efforts to catch up. After several years, the kingdom is approaching total victory, and the "Peeps" must purge the last ideologues on the Committee of Public Safety to maintain any hope of survival."

WikiPedia info link

Honor Harrington book cover War of Honor (2002)

Summary : "In previous installments of David Weber's bestselling space opera series featuring the intrepid Honor Harrington, she's won the sometimes unwilling admiration of friend and foe alike in her battles with the brutal and corrupt People's Republic of Haven. In her 10th outing, War of Honor, the People's Republic is no more, but Lady Admiral Harrington, following in the best tradition of C.S. Forester, Patrick O'Brian and Robert A. Heinlein, faces her most dangerous adversary yet: a new government in her own star kingdom run by the petty, venal and stupid former Opposition, who proceed to squander the hard-fought victory."

WikiPedia info link

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