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DejaVu Software's SameGame
by John D. Ottini, Guest Reviewer

I'm not too sure what it is about this game that makes it so enjoyable to play - perhaps it's the overall simplicity of the rules or maybe it's just the speed of the game itself. I've never been much for long drawn out games, which take hours or days to complete; fortunately SameGame does not fall into that category.

The goal of this game is to remove all 440 patterned or colored tiles from the screen, piece of cake - right? The problem or challenge is that you can only remove adjoining tiles, which are the same color or pattern. For example, selecting a Blue Tile (Screen 1 & 2) automatically removes all of the Blue tiles adjacent to that tile, the more tiles you remove in any one selection, the more points you receive.

Screen 1:
I select one of the blue tiles in the circled area.

Screen 2:
The blue tile I selected and all adjacent blue tiles disappear and the
rest of the tiles above them drop down to create the white space along
the top of the screen. By removing 6 tiles I scored 64 points.

Here is a quick sample of scoring based on the number of tiles eliminated.

Tiles Points
2 0
3 1
4 4
5 9
6 15
7 25
8 36
9 49
10 64
You get the idea...

The game can be played in black and white (where squares with patterns are used) (Screen 3) or color and you can select the difficultly of play by choosing how many patterns or colors (2 through 6) will be used in each individual game. The more patterns or colors used, the more difficult it becomes to clear the screen of all tiles. If I had to guess, I'd say that this game is 50% strategy and 50% luck.

Screen 3
The Preference menu lets you choose between black & white patterns or color tiles and
also allows you to select the number of tile colors or patterns used in each game.

The software doesn't provide many options but it does allow you to record and erase high scores and to undo or redo any or all moves during game play.

The game ends when you can no longer remove any tiles from the board (Screen 4).

It's a simple game with a straightforward interface but I must warn you - it can be very addictive.

Screen 4
Game over, final score 2160 with 84 tiles remaining on the board.

SameGame can be downloaded from DejaVu Software's website at www.dejavusoftware.com and is available for HPC's running Mips, Sh3 & 4 and Arm processors. The software is shareware, so please be sure to register and pay DejaVu Software $10 if you choose to continue playing this fine game.

(Note: The developer has not revised this software in quite some time, but this in no way diminishes the quality or enjoyment of this great game)

BIO: John D. Ottini - Pocket PC Magazine Contributing Writer and Handheld PC forum moderator (NEC MobilePro) at Pocket PC Magazine Forum http://www.pocketpcmag.com/forum/

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