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How to Do Everything with
Your Pocket PC & Handheld PC

by Frank McPherson

book cover


602 pages /
7½" x 9" pb

website included



[ April 2001 ]

Cover Blurb: Take full advantage of all the features your Pocket PC and Handheld PC have to offer with help from this easy-to-follow guide. Wherever you go, stay up-to-date with your e-mail, appointments, to-do lists, and contact data. Connect to the Internet, create documents using the Pocket Office programs, share information with other handheld devices, synch up to your desktop PC, play games, and download software. This handy resource explains how you can be more productive and always accessible using your Pocket PC or Handheld PC.

  • Navigate the desktop and input data using handwriting, keyboard, or voice input
  • Use ActiveSync to connect to your desktop PC
  • Manage contacts, appointments, and tasks with Pocket Outlook
  • Use the Pocket Office Suite-Pocket Word, Pocket Excel, Pocket Access, and Pocket PowerPoint
  • Send and receive e-mail with your Pocket PC or Handheld PC Inbox
  • Connect to the Internet and browse the Web with Pocket Internet Explorer
  • Record and play sound files with the voice recorder
  • Network to other computers and exchange data
  • Download games, software and utilities
  • Use peripherals such as storage cards, Clik!, SuperDisk, and cd-rom drives, digital cameras, printers and network interface cards.

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